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Balloon Banner Types

Standard Banners

"Race Banners" or Short Term Banners

Smaller banners used for races or short term advertising are smaller in size, from 10' x 12' to 10' x 20'. They are tied on to the balloon rather than using velcro.These banners include one ink color, and standard bold lettering. Pricing is done by quote once we receive a copy of your proposed artwork.

Custom Full Size Banners

Sized to your specifications with your custom art.

Our custom flat banners are cut and sewn to size, with velcro and grommets for attaching to your balloon. Complex logos with several colors can be reproduced with amazing accuracy, and will be quoted after we receive your proposed artwork.

There is a 10% surcharge for applying light colored ink over a dark fabric, i.e. white over navy. We are not able to guarantee PMS matching, but there is a wide range of standard ink colors available to choose from.

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Balloon Advertising is GREAT for:

Grand Openings

New Product Launches

Special Events

Fund Raisers

Media Attention

Community Outreach

Indiana Propane Gas Foundation puts Hot Air Balloon advertising to work at the Indiana State Fair Hot Air Balloon Race!

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