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How do I book a flight?

To book a flight, you may either call or email us to initiate the reservation process. We have included a Reservation Request form at left for your convenience. We schedule flights seven days a week, weather permitting. If you have a specific date in mind, call in advance to reserve your flight. The sooner you call, the more likely the date will be open.

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How many passengers do you take? Can anyone fly?

Our 7-story tall balloon has a comfortable passenger basket that is rated for six passengers. However, we typically schedule four adults per flight - giving you plenty of room to get a good vantage point no matter where you are standing. If you prefer a flight for two, we offer private flights also, subject to availability. We have taken children as young as 8 or 9, and seniors in their 90’s. A good rule of thumb is, can the passenger stand for at least an hour, listen to and follow directions from the pilot, and will they be ok with the heat and noise of the balloon burner? Also, anyone who is pregnant, or has other medical issues that would prevent them from being safe in a balloon should not fly. If you have any questions about who can safely fly, give us a call.

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What should I wear? What can I bring along?

Dress for comfort and safety by wearing long pants and shoes with closed toes and good support. The temperature in the air is about the same as on the ground, so jackets are seldom required. A cap or visor and sunglasses are a good idea. Be sure to bring your camera, but have a way to stow it in the basket safely before landing. Purses are best left with family or our crew for safe-keeping. There is no bathroom in the air, so be sure to use the facilities before we launch, and remember there is no alcohol allowed in the basket with the pilot. You are welcome to bring a celebratory toast to enjoy after we return to our meeting site, however Indiana law requires that we cannot provide champagne without a liquor license. We do provide cold drinks at flight’s end.

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How long does the flight last? Where do we fly from/to?

You are in the air for about an hour, but allow about three hours for the entire excursion. We meet at a central location, usually at Keystone and US31, check the wind directions, and then travel together to our launch site, which will be determined that day. We typically cover about five to ten miles of scenic Hamilton County, and land where an open, accessible grassy spot presents itself along our flight path.

What about cancellations?

If weather causes a cancellation, we will re-schedule your ride at the earliest available date. It is not unusual to make two or three attempts as the weather does not always cooperate. If you need to cancel your flight, please do so at least 48 hours prior to flight time to avoid losing the cost of your ticket.

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