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Nick Hoffbauer, Pilot

Nick has been in love with ballooning since receiving a special Birthday flight from his family in 1980. The day after his flight, he decided to begin training and has been a full-time Aeronaut ever since!

Ruthie Hoffbauer, Crew Chief

Ruthie is a Master Crew Chief and is in charge of the Ground Crew, as well as flight scheduling. She has experience working with many types of balloons and enjoys all aspects of ballooning!

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Tamara Hoffbauer and Jeff Dean,

Ground Crew

Tamara grew up crewing for her Dad and now works in the family business taking care of the website and running a balloon catalog with her Mom. On occasion you can find her and boyfriend Jeff on our Ground Crew.

Matt James,

Ground Crew

Matt has been with the team for many years and has always enjoyed ballooning. You will often see him manning our crown line or navigating in the chase vehicle. Matt is recently engaged and often brings his fiancee Jennifer along to help.

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Tom Corbett,

Jane Corbett, Ground Crew

This adventurous brother and sister team are longtime crew members who enjoy a wide variety of active sports. Both are often seen lending their height where it’s most useful - at the balloon’s mouth during inflation! Tom’s son also lends a hand on occasion.

Rick and Julie Davis,

Ground Crew

Rick and Julie met while crewing for a pilot friend and have since been married. As regular team members for Above & Beyond, they continue to be dedicated ground crew and recently welcomed their daughter, Baylie to the ballooning family!

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