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Passenger Preflight Checklist

1.) Complete, Sign, and return the Passenger Booking Form to confirm your ride.

2.) Confirm that you have received our launch site map, and locate the meeting place just north of Carmel on US-31. The day of your flight, call to confirm the meeting time and check your directions.

3.) Dress appropriately in long pants and walking shoes. (No sandals or heels!)

4.) Pack your camera, batteries and plenty of film or memory cards.

5.) Make sure we have your cell phone number in case you have a problem arriving at the meeting site or need last minute instructions.

6.) Arrive at the meeting site as scheduled, allowing time for a last minute restroom trip or a stop to buy batteries.

7.) Once you arrive, meet up with our Crew Chief for a Preflight briefing and to read and sign your passenger waiver.

8.) Stow your personal items in your vehicle if you will be riding with us to the launch site, or bring family along to drive with us. Make sure they have our cell phone number in case we get separated along the way.

9.) Once at the launch site, park where instructed - do not drive onto the launch field. Head over to the balloon to watch (or help) during inflation, and then be ready for a final briefing.

10.) Watch for the sign to enter the basket from the Pilot or Crew Chief, and be ready to go when asked to board.

11.) Take lots of photos, and enjoy the ride!

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